How fucking dumb IS Donnie?

Uh…THIS fucking dumb:

So dumb that he confessed to a high crime right there on FUX Snooze. He just admitted to demanding a quid pro quo of Ukraine.

And while the talking heads there are not quite so dumb, the viewers of that program are even dumber than Donnie himself, because they literally believe that the man is God’s chosen one, and therefore can do no wrong. Even though he’s done nothing BUT wrong, the whole entire time he’s been in office. And done it as blatantly as a dog humping a bitch in public.

At this rate, it should be fascinating to see him actually testifying in an open hearing, as he’s demanding to do. Fascinating, that is, in a peer-through-your-fingers horrifying way. Because this is going to be compelling viewing, in the same sense that a train wreck is compelling viewing: You can’t bear to see it, and you can’t bear to look away.

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Music for a Sunday: Pessimistic attitudes never will I wear

And if you think this sounds like Prince, you’ve got a good ear; it’s one of his songs, and those are definitely his instrumentals, backing vocals and production values, too.

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Dear Don Cherry: This is why you (and your fans) are shit.

If you’re white — and more to the point, ANGLO white — you’re automagically accepted here in Canada. Everyone else, not so much.

So, Don Cherry, you’ve been fired. After some 40 years of boorish blather, which illuminated nothing about hockey except how much of a contributor to the game you haven’t been, you’ve finally been broomed out. And most Canadians aren’t sorry to see you go.

If you must wonder why that is, Don, you haven’t been paying attention.

You see, Don, the composition of this country’s population is changing. That’s no news; it’s been doing that since before you were born. (And that’s not a bad thing, either.) But now, you’ve finally been held accountable for the ignorance you’ve shown to a portion of Canadians who have always been struggling against the prejudices of old, cranky, pompous bigots like yourself. Sexist prejudices; racist prejudices; religious prejudices; and even prejudices in favor of violence and thuggery over such outlandish concepts as, gasp, FAIR PLAY.

I know you’ve never been big on fair play, ol’ son. It’s so obvious in the way you’ve slagged the Russians, the Swedes, the Finns, and anyone else who actually plays hockey, rather than just dropping their gloves and treating the crowd to a bare-knuckle boxing match. You’d much rather see the ice stained red and littered with spat-out teeth. You’re the reason behind Rodney Dangerfield’s old crack: “I was at the fights last night and a hockey game broke out!” In your view, anyone who can’t punch their way to victory, as opposed to actually skating, passing, shooting and scoring, isn’t a Real Man?. They’re just worms to be crushed.

And never more so than when those worms aren’t white and anglo.

Which brings me to this story, of a young hockey player who would like nothing more than to play…and who is in danger of being permanently bullied out of the game by racist thugs:

The first time Zachary Sukumaran was called the “N-word” on the ice, he was 12 and didn’t know how to react.

He told his father on the car ride home, and his father brought it to the attention of minor hockey officials. The boy on the opposing team was suspended for the balance of the season.

The family hasn’t taken it that far every time Sukumaran, 17, a forward for the Millbrook Stars midget rep team, has been slurred. It’s happened at least once a year since.

But on Tuesday night, in a game against Woodville, when Sukumaran was told by an opposing player, “Go back to where you came from, you (expletive deleted) immigrant,” a breaking point was reached. Sukumaran grabbed the player and threw him to the ice.

Officials intervened and Sukumaran told them what was said. The end result was Sukumaran was ejected from the game and no penalty was assessed the opponent. The referees said they didn’t hear the slur so couldn’t do anything about it.

Sukumaran has heard that before. Frustrated, he punched the dressing room door and broke his hand. He’ll be sidelined for six weeks.


Sanj Sukumaran said he’s been told the Woodville player has been suspended, but he doesn’t know if it was by his association or the OMHA.

Sanj says his son’s response was inappropriate and he has no issue with his son being ejected. His concern is that these incidents keep occurring. At midget, he said, players are told not to fight, and if they do, there are consequences.

“We don’t do the same thing for this kind of ignorance and racism. It’s something we are a little afraid to approach sometimes,” he said.

See, these are the consequences to the patented Don Cherry “Rock ’em, sock ’em” approach. And they don’t fall on those who deserve them the most. The only victim here is the kid who retaliated in frustration because he’s been called racist slurs every single year that he’s been out there on the ice.

Ironically, though, he wasn’t helped by the approach that used to fly on Coach’s Corner. Maybe it’s because that rockum-sockum approach is only truly effective (or permissible) if you’re racist, anglo, and white? ‘Tis a puzzlement.

What’s not so puzzling, though, is where the kid he fought got the message that it’s “fair play” to call an Indo-Candian an n-word (and an “immigrant”, even though, like Bad German me, he was born here to immigrant parents). He got it from an old white guy with a loud, ugly voice and a louder, uglier suit, who isn’t at all shy about his disdain for anyone who’s not an “old stock” anglo-Canadian. Hey, if a former big-league hockey coach thinks that there’s a bunch of “you people” who deserve to be looked down upon and shamed for whatever flimsy reason, it must be okay to make a visible one of those “you people” feel unwelcome even when playing that most quintessential Canadian winter sport. Eh?

Uh, no. It’s NOT okay.

It was, in fact, NEVER okay. There may have been a time when it passed without comment or objections, but that time is long over. Even now, it’s still claiming victims. And that, too, has to stop.

Don Cherry has done a lot of trashy things in his time, but the worst one was to perpetuate the not-so-tacit belief that racism and violence, ostensibly in the service of country and sport, were okay. His supporters share that belief, and like him, they’re loud and proud about it. Scratch a Don Cherry fan, find a racist, a fascist, a xenophobe, a warmonger, a bigot. And you don’t have to scratch deep or hard; they squall like scalded cats the moment they feel someone else’s fingers making contact.

They may think they’re a silent majority, but they’re a vocal minority. And they are poisoning what should be a game that everyone can play, on a level field, peacefully and with respect.

And if they wonder why the rest of us think they’re shit, they can stop wondering now.

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Headline Howler: Just another day of FUX Snooze bass-ackwardness

Oh looky, widdle Tucky-wucky made a widdle fucky-wucky:

Oh sorry! That’s just business as usual at FUX Snooze, where jobs depend on an endless capacity for inverting reality.

Or, as they call it, being “Fair and Balanced”.

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Neither silent nor deadly

Yes, that’s right. It’s a fart:

And no, I don’t believe that was a mug scraping across a desktop, either.

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Dafuq is going on in Bolivia now?

Uh, this. And it’s terrible:

Bolivia is in the clutches of fanatical christofascists. From the obvious military coup, to that creepy “cross” hand gesture they made when swearing in their sham government, to Jeanine A?ez’s rabid declarations that indigenous people’s cultures are “satanic”, to massacres in the street, it’s bad news all around. And it’s bound to get worse before it gets better.

This is NOT a “peaceful transition to democracy”; Bolivia had democracy before this, but does not have it now. It will only be a peaceful transition to democracy when Evo is restored to his rightful office, and this entire trash-load of usurpers is swept up and dumped on the curb for the garbage crews to dispose of.

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Compare and Contrast: Evo vs. Angela

“Evo runs for a 4th term: hyperpresidentialism, authoritarianism, populism. Merkel runs for a 4th term: experience, capability, rustproof statecraft. Do you see how they manipulate [you]?”

I guess, for the lovely crapagandarati of the mainstream media, running for a fourth term is somehow different — i.e., acceptable — if you’re white and European. And also a conservative who stops comfortably short of Nazism. You don’t even have to be especially popular, and there can be all kinds of popular dissent and discontent with your rule, but you still get a pass from the media.

But if you’re brown, indigenous, and Latin American, and a strongly progressive leftist to boot, you’re for the chop, and a coup will be ginned up against you at all costs. Even if you’re insanely popular, 100% democratically elected, and all for good cause.

BTW: We don’t have term limits here in my home and native land, and neither do my German cousins in my ancestral country. They’re largely a US thing, or a US-imposed thing in Latin America. And as one can see, they’re also a great way of ensuring that no real progress ever gets made, particularly where capitalist interests grossly supersede local governance. It’s no secret that the US didn’t even have them until FDR committed tyranny by good example.

Just, y’know, FYI.

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Dafuq is going on in Bolivia?

Perhaps Yoda isn’t the best comparison. But otherwise…uh, yeah.

Shit has gone down in Bolivia, and unfortunately, it’s not in the crapper yet, much less getting the royal flush.

Evo was forced to resign (and call new elections, which is crucial here) by a military putsch against him. He was popularly re-elected, and there was no reason for this putsch, except the fact that he was more popular than his opponent by a wide margin. And no reason for his stepping down, either, except that he did it to avoid any more violence than has already occurred.

However, it wasn’t the military that was the real (or the only) power-hungry player at work here. Remember the old Media Luna-tics, the same bunch who tried to get Evo killed (with US backing, financing and blessing) ten years ago? Yup, they’re behind all this.

Mexico has offered Evo asylum, and sent a plane to fly him there:

A plane carrying the former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, took off early Tuesday morning headed for Mexico, after landing in Asunción, Paraguay, to refuel. At this time, the Mexican Air Force plane is flying over Brazil.

Hours earlier, the government of Mexico, under president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, offered political asylum to Morales, following several instances of violence committed against him and his family by opposition groups, which made it evident that his life was in danger in Bolivia. Morales thanked the Latin American country for the gesture, adding that, although he hated to abandon his country, he would soon return “with more strength and energy”.

“The Mexican foreign minister has decided to grant political asylum to Mr. Evo Morales for humanitarian reasons and by virtue of the emergency situation in Bolivia, inf which his life and well-being are at risk,” said Mexican exterior ministry secretary Marcelo Ebrard in a press conference on Monday.

“I thank everyone for giving me security. They never abandoned me and we will never abandon them. Many thanks, comrades!” said Morales in an audio message broadcast on television. “I will return soon with more energy to continue to work for our beloved country,” the deposed Bolivian president added.

Meanwhile, the Bolivian minister of defence, Javier Zavaleta, tendered his resignation on Monday, stating that as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, his will was always to “preserve institutionality” on the part of the forces in service to the people. “Mr. Carlos Mesa, Mr. Fernando Camacho, a political matter cannot be resolved by increasing repression,” said Zavaleta in his resignation message. “Bullets are not the response nor the solution to a problem. Politics consists of ideas against ideas, not the firing of bullets.”

Bolivia has been in a severe political crisis since the general elections of October 20. Even though the results showed Morales as the winner, in what was to have been his fourth consecutive term in office, the opposition claimed electoral fraud, and the government has agreed to call new elections.

However, the chief of the Armed Forces and the commander-in-chief of the Bolivian police have called on the president to resign, under the pretext of seeking to stabilize the nation.

On November 10, Morales presented his resignation in response to the army’s petition, denouncing the coup d’état which was taking place. As he explained with his resignation, he wanted to prevent the opposition, commanded by former presidential candidate Carlos Mesa and the head of the Civic Committee of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, from persecuting union leaders, torching the homes of public functionaries, and “kidnapping and mistreating” the families of indigenous leaders.

Thousands of indigenous people and supporters of the deposed president turned out to protest on Monday against the coup, clashing with security forces. “Yes, civil war now!” cried some of them, in images which circulated via social media networks.

The commandant of the armed forces of Bolivia, Williams Kaliman Romero, announced that the army would conduct joint operations with the police “to avoid bloodshed and grief for Bolivian families”. Evo Morales called on Bolivians to “keep the peace and don’t give in to violence.”

Translation mine.

So, there’s the situation as currently stands. I’ll blog more later, as more facts become known.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of Evo en route to asylum, with a Mexican flag:

Fuerza Evo, el pueblo está contigo. ?Te amamos!

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Music for a Sunday: The more I drink, the less I’m good for

Because it’s migration season, it’s cold out, and I’m in one of those witchy medieval states of mind, here you go:

A rough translation of the Middle English/Latin mix:

I saw many birds sitting on a tree
They all took flight and flew away.
With an I say! Have a good day!
Many white feathers has the magpie.
I can’t sing any more, my lips are so dry!
Many white feathers has the swan.
The more I drink, the less I’m good for;
Lay sticks on the fire, well may it burn!
Give us something to drink before we go away!

Everyone, applaud. (x4)

(Repeat, this time en ronde.)

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Donnie, the pantsless “god-emperor”

OMG, you have GOT to hear this:

And when even people who aren’t doctors can see that something is wrong with him, something is WRONG with him:

“I am not qualified to diagnose the president’s mental acuity,” the author writes, according to excerpts of the book obtained by the Washington Post. “All I can tell you is that normal people who spend any time with Donald Trump are uncomfortable by what they witness. He stumbles, slurs, gets confused, is easily irritated, and has trouble synthesizing information, not occasionally but with regularity. Those who would claim otherwise are lying to themselves or to the country.”

Ahem. Dear Anonymous Official, are you in any position to implement the 25th Amendment? Because if so, you all had better get on it. You and all those other people who considered resigning en masse had best get in front of Congress and start testifying.

Donnie needs to be removed from office on the grounds of mental incompetence. PRONTO. Because it’s so obvious that he’s a fascist sympathizer, a pervert, a mafioso, an emoluments-clause violator and, as anyone with eyes can see, a drug addict. He’ll even turn on those who threw money at him in exchange for favors. Does that sound like a stable genius to you? The man’s a fucking dotard (full credit to Kim Jong Un for calling that one), and it’s past time he was removed. In handcuffs or a straitjacket, I don’t much care. Just as long as he’s out of there.

And once he’s gone, every crook who came with him, from Mikey Fucking Pence on down, can be impeached and/or arrested also.

Get off your duff, whoever you are, and get on it already.

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